Automotive Technology (Auto-mechanics and Auto-mechatronics)

Graduate automotive training program –

This is a 12month training program that equips the student with the knowledge on how to carry out repairs and maintenance on new generation vehicles.
The program also gives graduates in other fields the opportunity to change their career path.

Post secondary school automotive training –

The program duration is 24months, the training offers students the opportunity to learn automotive technology from the basics.

Artisans –

We are aware of the knowledge gap in the automotive maintenance and repair business area.
That is why we have designed training programs for artisans to “catch up” with the latest technology in the automotive industry.
The program allows craftsmen to update their skills, learn the latest technology in automotive within a short period of 2 to 4 weeks training programs.

The Gains/Qualifications

  • Full Electronic Engine Diagnostics
  • Diagnosing Variable Valve Timing Systems on modern Engines
  • Vehicle petrol injection system and Diagnostics
  • Computer-aided Diagnosis on modern vehicles
  • Multiplexing and Vehicle system architecture
  • Vehicle Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Variable Valve Timing Technology
  • Advanced Brake system and Diagnostics
  • Modern ignition system and Diagnostics
  • Automotive Electrical systems
  • Fault detection
  • Analysis
  • Rectification
  • Power steering systems analysis and checks
  • Exhaust and Emission control systems analysis and checks
  • Understanding Modern Engines Design principles
  • A.C system Analysis and Diagnostics
  • Application of special tools in modern auto repairs and maintenance
  • Understanding the principles of starting and Charging systems
  • Workshop organisation and safety
  • Technician customer relations in auto Business
  • Understanding Auto-Gearbox
  • Level 3 City and Guilds certificate.